List Crawler Review – Can You Hook Up?

List Crawler is an escort site that has been around forever. As it pertains to our List Crawler review, can you hookup on List Crawler?

What is List Crawler

List Crawler is an escort site that has been around for over a decade. The site looks it too as it has an old look and feel to it. The thing is, due to the age of the site, it has a strong following within the sex worker community. First, Craigslist use to be the place to go for erotic encounters. After Craigslist shut down the erotic services section, escorts on Backpage exploded. Backpage was so incredibly popular that the government ultimately intervened and shut the site down. As a result, alternatives to Backpage have been popping up everywhere. Listing List Crawler as an alternative is a no-brainer.

List Crawler Review

The unfortunate part to List Crawler is how archaic the site is. With it’s old UI, it makes it hard to navigate if you use to hooking up on Tinder. If you can get past that part, and simply focus on the sheer volume of escorts on List Crawler, you’ll definitely find escorts in your city. As it pertains to hooking up, technically you will eventually hook up. It all depends on the type of person you are. If you classify paying for sex as a hookup, then you’ll get what you’re looking for. If you are looking for women to hook up with that is not in it as a profession, then you want to stay away from List Crawler

Is This an Alternative to backpage

Once Backpage was seized by the US government, sex workers have been trying to find a new hope to post their services. You will notice that almost every single escort site is not based in the United States. While List Crawler is certainly an alternative to Backpage, the same sort of risks exist.

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