Seeking Arrangement Reviews – Worth a Hookup?

If you’re interested in Seeking Arrangement reviews, you’ll actually be quite happy about it. That is, if you’re into sugar daddy sites are ok with paying top dollar to hookup with a semi pro. Here are some more reviews of Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement Reviews

Seeking Arrangement Reviews

Seeking Arrangement – Mutual?
Is Seeking Arrangement a Scam?
Are Women Real on Seeking Arrangement?
Is It Easy to Use?
Is Seeking Arrangement Free?

Seeking Arrangement – Mutual?

Seeking Arrangement prides itself as the home for sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangements. One has to understand that these women are in it for the money. The sugar babies that are really good at it, are part of this underground society called the Sugar Bowl. These women refer to fellow sugar babies as sugar sisters. With all this lingo, you have to understand there is a game being played here. One in which, these sugar babies are trying to take whatever they can from you (money, power, access) in exchange for the slim possibility of you hooking up with there. If you’re ok with this undertone, then Seeking Arrangement will do good for you.

Is Seeking Arrangement a Scam?

You’ll see stories online about with a Seeking Arrangement scam. Thing is, I truly believe that those men didn’t understand how sugar daddy sites work. In my opinion, these men thought if they bought the girls dinner at Chipotle, these guys would get a bj in their car. hahahaha.

No kidding!

That type of mentality are for those that are coming from Backpage. When Backpage was around, girls (escorts) were advertising their services for $20 for a quick 15 minute session. The one large unfortunate downside to Seeking Arrangement are the men and women coming over from Backpage. Seeking Arrangement does a good job in trying to weed this people out, but of course, they are still on sugar daddy sites

Are Women Real on Seeking Arrangement

I must admit, you will have no problem whatsoever communicating with real women on Seeking Arrangement. Women know there are men with money on Seeking Arrangement, so these sugar sisters will flock to the site. The issue for men is weeding out the professional sugar babies or the ones that are masking themselves as sugar babies, when in fact it’s an escort from Backpage or some cam girl trying to lure your off their site.

So is this an actual mutual arrangement with Seeking Arrangement? It depends if you know the rules of the game.

Is It Easy to Use

Seeking Arrangement is quite easy to use. Whomever Seeking Arrangement has working on the development side, definitely is thinking about the customer first. After all, in a world of swiping and Facebook, UI is critical.,

It doesn’t have a confusing menu system and searching through the listing is as easy as using Google. You can message different sugar daddies and sugar babies at will then go with any interested parties. What’s more, its free trial allows you to use the site pretty much like a paying customer for a short period of time. It even has a guide if you’re lost.

Is Seeking Arrangement Free

Technically, signing up for Seeking Arrangement is free. Thing is, if you actually want to communicate, hook up and essentially be in the game, you’ll need to upgrade to a paying membership. Signing up for an account (free or paid) with is easy. Seeking is of course free for sugar babies, which gives you a plethora of options (good, bad and ugly to have a shot with).

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