Tinder Reviews & Tinder Profiles

Tinder turned the hookup world upside down with its popularity. Here are some details surrounding Tinder profiles & Tinder reviews.

How to Use Tinder

Using Tinder is incredibly intuitive. As a hookup site, Tinder did an amazing job at making this so easy to use. The part that Tinder doesn’t tell you, business which way to swipe, are the costs involved to use Tinder. Tinder might come across as a free hookup site, but in actuality, you need to be a paying member to have a legitimate shot at constant hookups. Everything from boosts to gold stars & monthly memberships, all add up to a good chunk for a monthly bill

Tinder Profiles & Increasing Your Chances

You’re on Tinder for one reason, to hookup. Thing is, you start seeing a ton of Tinder profiles now of “swipe left if you’re just looking to hookup.” Then why in the world are you on Tinder? I’ll tell you why. Tinder is trying to market itself as more than a hookup site. The issue with that is what I call hookup confusion.

Tinder is owned by Match.com. So Match is known for relationships, and Tinder is known for hookups. Match.com has been on a membership decline, while Tinder profiles are on a flat to upswing. So, why not try to take the ease of use with Tinder & combine it with a non hookup culture? Huge mistake. Even though Tinder is growing, the transition of the membership base of Tinder profiles makes it difficult to be known as a hookup site.

Tinder Reviews for a Hookup App

Besides the very easy-to-use interface, I’ve always have been a fan of mobile sites versus mobile apps. That’s what makes this Tinder review so difficult. The issue with the app is secrecy. Mobile sites, you clear your history & it never happened. With any app, Tinder included, that’s just not the case.

Putting that aside, if you spend enough time on Tinder you will eventually meet someone – and that’s without ever having to pay a dollar. The thing is, it’s work. While I always believe all hookup sites is a numbers game, Tinder makes it that much more difficult to get through the weeds to make it to the promise land.

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